Dry aged meat

Paul and Lynne’s
dry aged DIY BBQ

Dry aging process breaks down connective tissue creating a highly sought after flavour and tenderness

The drying process takes a minimum of four weeks, delivering a supreme gourmet experience

Dry aging process can reduce water content as much as 25%; intensifying the flavour of the meat

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We have partnered with Freshline to deliver the best hand selected cuts of Cape Grim Beef direct to our barn doors. We rest the beef in the dry ager in the traditional way to provide a gourmet experience for our guests. Aromatic, rich and full of flavour, it is hung for 28 – 50 days alongside Pink Murray River salt.

The process of dry aging at 1.8 degrees & 78% RH allows the muscle proteins to slowly break down over 28 – 50 days losing up to 25 percent of its original water content, which increases the tenderness and seals in the juices. The dry aging process which enhances the meats natural flavour and produces a herbaceous roasted and toasted nutty flavour with a crisp crust, which can be left on or cut off prior to cooking.

Each piece is selected from the Dry Ager and hand cut one hour before and rested to room temperature. Larger cuts like the rib eye & Tomahawk on the bone are twice cooked by warming the cut to 43 degrees internally to enhance the cooking and culinary experience.

We provide you with a guide to your own DIY BBQ to your liking to ensure your chosen dry aged beef is cooked with the respect it deserves and cooked to perfection on our open flamed BBQ.

Dry aged meat selection


* two servings shown in photograph.
trimmed before serving

Rib Eye

*three servings shown in image Trimmed before served.


*two servings in image trimmed ready to slice and serve

Scotch Fillet

Wagu 5-7 score

*weighing 170g this dry aged wagyu score 5-7 has been dry aged for 50 days

Wagu rump 5-7 score