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Lynne first showed an interest in wine in 1986 when her boss told her she had a restaurant budget of $1000 per year and she was expected to entertain prospective customers to broaden the client base of an executive Brisbane based recruiting firm. Panicked by the thought of having to select wines, Lynne began her quest to learn as quickly as she could about various varieties and pairing with foods. She enlisted the help of a well known Brisbane wine connoisseur and started a modest wine collection.

After several months relief came when ordering wines at the dining table was no longer a matter of selecting a midway pricepoint from the wine list. Within a few months, to her amazement, clients were complimenting her on the choice of wines.

Wine Tasting at
Little Beach Co

Indulge your senses with a curated selection of exceptional wines from around the world.

Taste 6 wines from all around the world

Today Lynne has joined up with local training Sommelier Katie from Waubs Distillery for a fun Wednesday night of blind wine tastings at Little Beach Co Barn.

Starting at 6pm we will blind taste 6 wines from all around the world using the structured approach often studied internationally whereby we will consider everything from the legs, colour and structure to the tannins and acid levels including viscosity and alcohol content. The grand finale of course is to guess the wine.

A self-confessed deep rich and buttery Chardonnay lover; Lynne has visited many regions across Europe and enjoyed the pleasures of wine tasting in both vineyards and restaurants from 1995 to 2023.

Throughout Italy in regions such as:

Emilia Romagna

Le Marche







Lynnes favourite wines come from the far north in the Trento Alto Adige Region and Sicily.

Throughout her travels in France, she has enjoyed regions such as:



Rhone Valley


Loir Valley




Lynnes favourite wines come from Saint Emilion in Bordeaux and Chablis.

In 2007 Lynne followed the Spanish river Rio Del Duero & Ribera Del Duoro for a whole month from Central Spain to the Portugal border in pursuit of Tempranillo wines visiting many vineyards along the way.

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Join us for an exquisite wine tasting experience at Little Beach Co! Indulge in a delightful evening of flavors and aromas as you explore a curated selection of fine wines from around the world. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a curious beginner, this event promises to tantalize your taste buds and expand your knowledge of the art of winemaking.

Date: 19th July, 2023.
Time: 6pm
Location: Little Beach Co, 21040 Tasman Highway,
Chain of Lagoons Tas 7215, Australia